Rebecca & Benjamin – A Crane Estate Wedding

I’m so excited to share this wedding.  It’s the culmination of a trio of forces working together to create a beautiful wedding: a truly lovely couple, a stunning venue and an absolutely gorgeous New England summer day.  I liked Becca and Bear from the moment I met them.  They’re outlook on their wedding and the importance of their family all made the fit seem so right.  It was a struggle to keep the post to a reasonable length, but we picked a few favorites.  The ceremony and reception were held at the Crane Estate in Ipswich, MA.  It’s absolutely one of my favorite spots and I think you’ll see why if you’re not familiar with it.

The girls have this wonderful suite upstairs in the mansion to get ready:

crane_estate_wedding_01 crane_estate_wedding_02 crane_estate_wedding_03 crane_estate_wedding_04

It was a tad on the hot side!



You might have seen this in my Best of 2014 post – this one’s probably my favorite shot of the day:

crane_estate_wedding_07 crane_estate_wedding_08 crane_estate_wedding_09

My excellent compadre David DiNisco helped me out for the day and started with the guys as they got ready in Gloucester, MA.

crane_estate_wedding_10 crane_estate_wedding_11

We picked a secluded spot in the shade for an opportunity to have the couple see each other for the first time. Becca made quite the vision as she walked through the garden and sun to get to Bear.

crane_estate_wedding_12 crane_estate_wedding_13 crane_estate_wedding_14 crane_estate_wedding_15 crane_estate_wedding_16

Got to check out the goods!

crane_estate_wedding_17 crane_estate_wedding_18 crane_estate_wedding_19 crane_estate_wedding_20 crane_estate_wedding_21 crane_estate_wedding_22 crane_estate_wedding_23

The ceremony was held out on the grounds of the estate on the Grand Allee:

crane_estate_wedding_24 crane_estate_wedding_25 crane_estate_wedding_26 crane_estate_wedding_27 crane_estate_wedding_28 crane_estate_wedding_29 crane_estate_wedding_30 crane_estate_wedding_31 crane_estate_wedding_32 crane_estate_wedding_33 crane_estate_wedding_34 crane_estate_wedding_35 crane_estate_wedding_36 crane_estate_wedding_37 crane_estate_wedding_39 crane_estate_wedding_40 crane_estate_wedding_41 crane_estate_wedding_42 crane_estate_wedding_43 crane_estate_wedding_44 crane_estate_wedding_45 crane_estate_wedding_46 crane_estate_wedding_48

As the sun started to set, we slipped out of dinner to grab a few portraits on the Grand Allee:


Bear set off to get some fresh turkey for the reception!

crane_estate_wedding_50 crane_estate_wedding_51 crane_estate_wedding_52 crane_estate_wedding_53 crane_estate_wedding_54

One thing that was really unique about the reception was that it was held outdoors on the patio of the estate.  Such a beautiful spot!

crane_estate_wedding_55 crane_estate_wedding_56 crane_estate_wedding_57 crane_estate_wedding_58 crane_estate_wedding_59

A full moon at the end of the evening was a pretty amazing cap to the day:


To see more from Rebecca and Benjamin’s day, you can view the slideshow below:

Becca & Bear from Ned Jackson on Vimeo.


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