Excellent Photographer and Hilarious Blogger

I have to share another blog with you – then I promise I’ll post my latest wedding.  I love sharing things that crack me up.  This is especially for the photographers out there.  I had the pleasure of taking a week-long lighting workshop back in 2007 at the Maine Media Workshops, taught by one of the most well-respected photographers in the business, Joe McNally.  Not only does he posses a wealth of photographic information, but he’s genuinely a nice guy with a  encyclopedia-like Rolodex of movie quotes in his brain… sounds like someone else I know.  (Coincidentally, if you’re looking for an EXCELLENT learning opportunity – a chance to work with one of the best, check out the workshops website)

Which leads me to my point….. Joe has an absolutely hysterical blog which is not to be missed by other photographers.  Check out his most recent post about a very special valentine gift.  Too funny



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