Amanda & Brian – A Nashoba Valley Winery Wedding

One thing you can be sure of in New England is that you can never really count on the weather.  The good news is that Amanda and Brian were well prepared for that and created a beautiful and intimate gathering for their closest friends and family at the Nashoba Valley Winery.  The rain was literally coming down in sheets but we managed to make the most of it and find little spots here and there to enjoy the outdoors, regardless of the rain.  The surrounding countryside was dotted with the changing colors of fall and the restaurant at the winery had a gorgeous red vine creeping up the side.  Here’s a few favorites from the day:


Checking the rain to see it it had stopped.  Unfortunately, the answer was a big, fat “NO!”


We found a nice protected spot under the awning of the restaurant where we could take a few portraits:

nashoba_valley_winery_wedding_11 nashoba_valley_winery_wedding_13

I just love this one:


The ceremony was held in a small pavilion on the property:

nashoba_valley_winery_wedding_26 nashoba_valley_winery_wedding_27 nashoba_valley_winery_wedding_29

After the ceremony, we snuck across the way to the winery’s barrel room where we took a few more portraits while the couple enjoyed their new marital status!


Inside the restaurant, the theme was apples.  Each table had a hand drawn diagram of a different type and selection of apple:

After a great dinner the couple took a moment for a first dance:

One last favorite to end the night:


To see more from Amanda & Brian’s wedding, check out the slideshow!

Thanks so much to Amanda and Brian for including me in their day.  Also special thanks to Kelly Benvenuto for her help during the day as well!


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