Whitney & David – A Boston Harbor Hotel Wedding

Still plugging away blogging the final weddings of 2014 as I began shooting for 2015 this past weekend – guess I need to catch up!!  This stunning wedding was an absolute treat to be able to capture.  It was pulled together by the talented crew at Linnea Tangorra Weddings and I got to work with some fantastic other folks as well, including Marcella from Heirloom Pictures.  It was such a treat to see Whitney and David with each other.  Whitney’s smile each time she looked at him was just contagious and it made for some of my favorite images of the year.  I  think you’re going to love this beautiful day.  Enjoy some of my favorite moments:

The girls got ready in the conference rooms on the second floor of the Boston Harbor Hotel.

boston_harbor_hotel_wedding_04 boston_harbor_hotel_wedding_06

Absolutely one of my favorite images from 2014.

boston_harbor_hotel_wedding_12 boston_harbor_hotel_wedding_14

I was joined by Vince Schaefer who started his day with the guys as they got ready:

boston_harbor_hotel_wedding_16 boston_harbor_hotel_wedding_17 boston_harbor_hotel_wedding_18

We arranged a little meeting for the couple outside the rotunda.  David was clearly excited!

boston_harbor_hotel_wedding_19 boston_harbor_hotel_wedding_21

Love this one!

boston_harbor_hotel_wedding_26 boston_harbor_hotel_wedding_27 boston_harbor_hotel_wedding_28

boston_harbor_hotel_wedding_31 boston_harbor_hotel_wedding_32

The ceremony was held indoors in the Wharf Room:

boston_harbor_hotel_wedding_45 boston_harbor_hotel_wedding_47

Vince hung out in the back with Whitney and her father:

boston_harbor_hotel_wedding_48 boston_harbor_hotel_wedding_49 boston_harbor_hotel_wedding_50 boston_harbor_hotel_wedding_51 boston_harbor_hotel_wedding_53 boston_harbor_hotel_wedding_54 boston_harbor_hotel_wedding_56 boston_harbor_hotel_wedding_57

Some of my favorites from the reception:

boston_harbor_hotel_wedding_60 boston_harbor_hotel_wedding_64 boston_harbor_hotel_wedding_65 boston_harbor_hotel_wedding_66 boston_harbor_hotel_wedding_67 boston_harbor_hotel_wedding_70 boston_harbor_hotel_wedding_68 boston_harbor_hotel_wedding_73 boston_harbor_hotel_wedding_76 boston_harbor_hotel_wedding_77

To see more from Whitney and David’s day, you can view the slideshow below:


Thank you so much Whitney and David for including me in your beautiful day!  I had such a fantastic time!  Also, special thanks to Tracey at Linnea Tangorra Weddings, Marcella from Heirloom Pictures and Vince Schaefer!


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