Tracey & John – A Newport, RI Oceancliff Wedding

Talk about having a knack for dialing in beautiful days – I think Tracey and John have the game nailed.  I met these two last September on a gorgeous, clear day in Boston.  Our engagement session was a blast and I knew the wedding would be worth the wait!  What I didn’t know is that they have some special trick to dial in absolutely perfect weather!  The wedding reception was held in the beautiful Oceancliff Hotel in Newport, RI.  Take a look at some of my favorites from the day and be sure to check out the slideshow!

I couldn’t resist sharing a few from the e-session from Sept:

Now the wedding day.  Check out those eyes!  The light in Tracey and John’s apartment was absolutely perfect.

I felt so honored to be allowed in the room as Tracey’s sister and mom helped her get into her dress.

There were some emotional moments as Tracey got into her dress:

Tracey’s sister helps keep the dress dry!

Once in the dress – Tracey was simply radiant!

Doug Levy came along to help out and caught this great moment of John waiting in the church.  Great shot Doug!

Like I said….. light!

A few favorites from the ceremony:

Seriously – how cute is this girl?!

This church was BIG!  Check out the interior shots in the slideshow.

After the ceremony, John, Tracey and I were lucky enough to have had access to a beautiful private home right on the water at sunset.  I caught this moment as the limo dropped the couple off at the front of the driveway.

The sun was coming right off the water, with a beautiful golden hue.  Hard to resit taking more pictures of a bride!

One of my favorites from the day:

For those of you who heard it – you know John’s best man had a little trick up his sleeve for the toast.  Check out the expression on Tracey’s face.

This one doesn’t need explanation!

Tracey’s dance with her father:

You gotta love the stuff!  John’s got a great sense of humor and took this totally in stride by making his new wife (a die-hard Yankees fan) don a Red Sox jersey for a dance.

Love this one that Doug grabbed:

Definitely make sure you check out the slidehsow.  You can view it directly by clicking here or by clicking play on the slideshow below!

  • June 23, 2010 - 9:09 am

    Linda McIsaac - I was at this wedding and your photographs are beautiful! As an amateur photographer (I stress the word amateur) I can appreciate the color and candidness (is that a word?) of your photos. I also shoot Nikon and I was watching you and your associate walking around with all your great equipment.

  • July 2, 2010 - 8:08 am

    Tracy & John: Married - Oceancliff, Newport, Rhode Island | the blog of New England wedding photographer Doug Levy - weddings. art. life. people. - […] few weeks ago I joined good friend Ned Jackson for Tracy and John’s Newport wedding. I do a fair amount of this, shooting weddings as the […]

  • October 24, 2011 - 8:20 pm

    jessica - hello! these photos are absolutely breathtaking!
    do you happen to know what church this is? i will be getting married in newport in 2 years and i am looking for a church like this….. thanks 🙂

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