Tiffini and Patrick – A Linden Place Wedding

Have you ever met those kind of people who simply have an infectious smile?  That’s Tiffini in a nutshell.  And it was clear to me as soon as Pat saw Tiffini coming down the isle that he was totally captivated by her.  Throw in some fantastic friends and family and you’ve got a recipe for an excellent wedding.  The reception was held at Linden Place in Bristol, RI which has a great historical past and some beautiful buildings and grounds.  Tiffini started the day at her house with the girls getting ready:

Tiffini leaving her house on the way to the church.

On beautiful sunny days like this – it’s easy to understand why BIG windows and stained glass are so popular in churches.  There’s definitely a celestial light banging around!

See what I mean?!

The estate of Linden Place focused on the main house which is just stunning.

One of my favorites of the day- coincidentally one of the only quiet moments of the day!

Sometimes shooting a couple in love is like taking candy from a baby.  How could you not shoot adorable pictures of these two?

I call this piece “Superfan”

What kind of toast is it if the best man doesn’t humiliate the groom?

The flower girl catching a little peace and quiet of her own.

The carriage house at Linden Place:


Tiffini and Patrick – thank you so much for allowing me to share your day!  Also – special thanks to James Federico for joining me as well!  Catch the slideshow below:




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