Tamara & Geoff’s Omni Parker House Wedding

I’m really excited to be able to share some of my favorite images from Tamara and Geoff’s absolutely gorgeous and quintessential Boston wedding.  The ceremony was held at the Old North Church – the heart of Paul Revere’s famous ride.  It’s always fun for me (the former history teacher) to combine two of my loves.  From the Old North Church we headed over to the Public Gardens for some beautiful formals with the bridal party and some down time with the newly married couple.  The reception was held at the Omni Parker House.  I hope you enjoy these two as much as I do!

Tamara was surrounded by her friends and family as she got ready:

Her mom helping her put the finishing touches on the gown.

Placing the veil. Definitely one of my favorites of the day.

LOVE this one!


Tamara’s room had these huge windows with this wonderful window light.  We took a minute to grab a few portraits.


I was joined for the day by Doug Levy who hung out with the guys in the church before the guests arrived.

Doug grabbed this great portrait of Geoff.

Meanwhile I hung out with the ladies.  Here Tamara catches a peek of the guests arriving at the church.

Once the ceremony started to gear up – Doug snuck outside with the girls and grabbed a few fantastic shots of the girls lining up.

LOVE this moment that Doug caught.

Tamara was walked down the isle by both parents.

I can only assume this must be a bittersweet moment for fathers.

While I was in the balcony losing a few pounds from the heat, Doug grabbed this great image:

Love this moment as the couple left the church.

Before heading over to the gardens we took a moment to grab a few pictures outside the church.

Ever wonder what the guys do while portraits are taking place?  Doug grabbed this moment.

Loved the colors of the day.


If you’ve ever been to the public gardens, you’re well aware there are some characters there in the park.  The bridal party was “entertained” by a few young lovers on a nearby bench who seemed lost in each other (to say the least).  I was just glad they weren’t laughing at me with my fly open.

In June – these purple flowers create the best background.

I was loving the light.

Love the peek of the blue shoes!

The couple entering the dance floor:

Tamara’s parents watching the newlyweds dance.

Check out the slideshow below!




Thanks so much to Geoff and Tamara for such a wonderfully fun day.  Such a fantastic reminder of what a great job I have!   Also – special thanks to Doug Levy!



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