Stephanie & Richard – A Harkness Memorial State Park Wedding

Stephanie and Richard were married on a crisp and beautiful fall morning on the coastline in Connecticut.  I was so excited to see this gorgeous venue and have the chance to explore all it’s photographic opportunities.  The trees were just beginning to change colors and the venue staff and florists did a beautiful job of pulling everything together.  The girls and guys both started the day in a hotel in New London.  From there, we all made the trip to the Harkness Memorial State Park and the girls got into their dresses in one of the mansion’s bedrooms.  I was joined by my good friend Doug Levy who helped me out. Here are some of my favorites from this beautiful wedding:

harkness_memorial_state_park_wedding_01 harkness_memorial_state_park_wedding_09 harkness_memorial_state_park_wedding_10

Stephanie’s sisters help her getting ready:


The gorgeous staircase in the mansion:

harkness_memorial_state_park_wedding_12 harkness_memorial_state_park_wedding_13 harkness_memorial_state_park_wedding_14

Such a beautiful spot for a wedding:

harkness_memorial_state_park_wedding_16 harkness_memorial_state_park_wedding_15 harkness_memorial_state_park_wedding_17

The ceremony took place in a small garden to the right of the main mansion:

harkness_memorial_state_park_wedding_18 harkness_memorial_state_park_wedding_19

harkness_memorial_state_park_wedding_20 harkness_memorial_state_park_wedding_23

A stunning spot to be married.

harkness_memorial_state_park_wedding_22 harkness_memorial_state_park_wedding_25 harkness_memorial_state_park_wedding_26 harkness_memorial_state_park_wedding_27 harkness_memorial_state_park_wedding_28

After the ceremony we took a few moments for some time alone:

harkness_memorial_state_park_wedding_32 harkness_memorial_state_park_wedding_31

Some of the details from the reception:

harkness_memorial_state_park_wedding_35 harkness_memorial_state_park_wedding_39

A beautiful first dance in the tent:

harkness_memorial_state_park_wedding_45 harkness_memorial_state_park_wedding_43 harkness_memorial_state_park_wedding_44

A few speeches from friends:


Inside the mansion for a candlelit dinner:

harkness_memorial_state_park_wedding_48 harkness_memorial_state_park_wedding_49

Then back out to the tent for the party!

harkness_memorial_state_park_wedding_51 harkness_memorial_state_park_wedding_52 harkness_memorial_state_park_wedding_53

These bros are pros.

harkness_memorial_state_park_wedding_54 harkness_memorial_state_park_wedding_55 harkness_memorial_state_park_wedding_56 harkness_memorial_state_park_wedding_50

To see more from Stephanie and Richard’s beautiful wedding, you can view the slideshow below:

Thank you so much to Stephanie and Richard for including me in their beautiful wedding!  Also, thanks to Doug Levy for his help as well!


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