Serena & Mike – A Gibbet Hill Wedding

Happy New Years!! I hope everyone had a fantastic holiday.  It’s officially the ‘off’ season now – and I’m able to focus a little more TLC to the blog!  Over the next few weeks you’ll see a virtual smorgasbord (it’s always a good day when you can use that word) of weddings from this past summer and fall.  No doubt there are some beautiful couples, and amazing weddings in store!  I’m excited to really start sharing on a more regular basis, so check back often.  Please help me make the blog more conversational and feel free to leave comments.

Mike and Serena were married on a stunningly beautiful early summer day at the Barn at Gibbet Hill.  Just one day before the wedding, we received one of the biggest rain storms of the season.  Things weren’t looking great for their outdoor nuptials.  However, by morning, everything had changed.  One look out the window and I had no doubt that their ceremony would take place outside without a hitch.  As you can see below, the day was stunning.  As usual, I picked a few favorites from the day – hopefully not too many to overwhelm – theirs was such a beautiful wedding!  Let me know what you think.  I’d love to hear from you!


Serena and Mike started the day off getting ready in their house in Somerville.

Doug Levy joined me for the day and caught this great moment that shows how close the guys and girls were- yet the managed not to see each other!

It’s rare to see the bride’s dress and groom’s jacket hanging together. And for once, I was able to hang out with a groom while he got ready.


My first glimpse into the room as Serena slipped into her dress.  Love this one!

Another favorite from the day.

The two decided to see each other for the first time in their garden.  Serena is quite the green thumb.

I loved the color palette and flowers!

At Gibbet Hill we were able to sneak out to the fields before the ceremony to grab a few couples portraits.  Could these two be any more adorable together?

Stunning flowers everywhere you looked.

Mike’s mother watches his face as Serena makes her way down the isle.

A gorgeous spot to get married.

Serena’s “best man.”

So many smiles throughout the day.


Serena’s Italian relatives supplied a steady stream of rice for their first walk down the isle.  Serena was absolutely pummeled!

After the gauntlet – a bit of relief and huge smiles!

Mike and Serena sneak off for a quiet moment alone after the ceremony.

The guests received a succulent that doubled as a table card.

Gorgeous flowers.

A quiet moment from the first dance.

These two little guys snuck out for a little libation (and entertainment) during the dinner.

Mike and his mother sharing a dance.

Mike and Serena’s relatives took great joy in forcing them to participate in a few games to entertain the crowd at their expense!

Mike feeling KNEES to see which one was his bride.  This “knee” did not fool him… Both Mike and Serena guessed correctly!  Impressive!


I’d love to extend a huge thank you to Mike and Serena for including me in their day, as well as to Doug Levy for his help.  Check out the slideshow below:



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