Sarah & Scott – Royal Sonesta Wedding

The blog is back in full effect!  What a busy and fun summer this has been.  In the past few weeks I’ve been all over New England for weddings, over to Kinsale in Ireland for a quick stop and then on to Storyland next week!  It’s been such a fun summer and the heat reminded me that I still had a winter wedding to share.

What can I say about Sarah and Scott.  I mentioned to them months and months and months before their wedding when they booked me, that their wedding date happened to be my birthday.  Just a simple, casual statement like, “oh fun, that’s my birthday!”  Fast forward to the day of the wedding and this is what I get.  Seriously.  How nice is that?  I was floored that a)they remembered my birthday, and b) they were thoughtful enough to get this on the biggest day of their lives!  How cool is that?!  (and no… the cannoli didn’t make it past the parking garage).

I wanted to share a few of my favorites from the day!  Sarah was beaming as she was getting ready:

But her mother was beaming even more than she was!

Sarah and Scott decided to see each other before the ketubah signing – This is Scott’s reaction when he saw her for the first time (caught by my good friend Doug Levy)

And hers:

Scott watching her walk down the isle:

I think Sarah’s mom was smiling like this the whole day!

I loved Sarah and Scott’s chuppah which was decorated with all of the well wishes they received after their engagement!

An intimate one from their first dance:

Sarah and her father:

The reception entertainment was provided by Nightshift – a great band- but not nearly as entertaining as watching Scott go up in this chair!

Not to be outdone in sheer trepidation!!

At the end of the night we snuck out for one last shot near some of the great artwork inside the Royal Sonesta.


Sarah and Scott – we are still enjoying the rasberry jam 🙂  Thank you so much for being such gracious hosts and for being SO much fun to work with!


Check out their slideshow here!




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