Sarah & Scott – A Boston Public Library Engagement

As we start to work our way into the summer, the season is certainly heating up fast for me!  Three weddings so far this year, four more in the next three weeks and we’re starting to book well into 2011!  Which brings us to Sarah and Scott…. Scott and Sarah are getting married on my birthday next year in January.  We met up last month with plans to head outside for some nice outdoor shots, but the weather didn’t comply – so we headed to the Boston Public Library.  If you haven’t been to see this building – you have to go!  It’s absolutely stunning and made a great backdrop for a fun afternoon.  I thought I’d share a few of my favorite shots from the day:

The main staircase in the library is flanked by twin lions.  If you wait just right – the light comes pouring in through the big windows.

Love this staircase on the top floor!

Thanks for a great afternoon Scott and Sarah!  Looking forward to January!


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