Sarah & Ross – A Liberty Hotel Wedding

Hope everyone is having a great summer so far.  It’s been a busy one in the studio but we were able to carve out a little time to get in some family time over the last few weeks.  Now we’re back full steam, and I figured it would be a good time to fire off another blog post.  I’m really excited to share this wedding from the Liberty Hotel.  I’d only met Sarah over the phone, but it took about two minutes with the couple to realize they are two of the coolest and most laid back people you’ll meet!  It turns out a few of Sarah’s bridesmaids were actually bridesmaids in Tamara and Geoff’s wedding from 2011, so when I arrived as the girls were getting their makeup done they made me feel comfortable immediately.  I was joined by Coco Boardman who helped out with the coverage of the guys getting ready.  We had a fantastic day and I hope you enjoy some of my favorite images!

It’s hard not to point out how incredibly cool it is to photograph in the Liberty.

I loved the gorgeous letterpress invitations:

Sarah and Ross have one of the best labs you’ll meet.  For starters, they trained him to pee in a drain on their roof deck!  How funny is that?!  But seriously – how handsome is he?  I’m totally a sucker for a good dog.  Sarah set the rings up on his nose and he didn’t move a muscle!  Treat well deserved.

The girls got ready in a conference room with these big gorgeous arched windows *with prison bars.*

Sarah getting her hair done:

Coco started the day off with the guys:

Coco enjoyed the little concert!

Back in the girls room Sarah gets her earrings and veil on:

In the dress:

One of the great pleasures of being a wedding photographer is being a fly on the wall.  Here Sarah and her sisters watched the parade of guests as they loaded onto the buses below:

I could see this scene unfolding and almost had to yell at the poor bus driver who insisted on carrying Sarah’s train.  She’s all set!  The girls walked in lock-step the whole time (not on purpose).

Coco hung out in the back of the church as the girls gathered for the procession.

Sarah’s sisters:

Coco from above:

The ceremony took place in the Sacred Heart Church in the North End:

Tough to take a bad shot of these two!

The bridal party and families walked from the church (in the background) to the Paul Revere Park on Hanover Street just below the Old North Church.

I asked Coco to snap a few shots of the guys suspenders.  Thought this was a good one!

The Paul Revere park is just dripping with ‘Boston’ like charm and history.  The old brick and moss seem to be dripping with history.

My wife’s favorite!

Back from the park after the formals the families made the trip back to the buses (buses can’t really drive down the North End Streets).

Back at the Liberty Hotel the guests travelled upstairs to have cocktails in the main atrium:

Dad spilling a few embarrassing childhood stories:

Sarah’s sister’s join in:

Now…. I’ve have some very talented musical performances by grooms before, but I think Ross’ takes the cake.  His rendition of let’s get it on was definitely a showstopper.

These two were adorable together all night:

It felt like such a blessing to be part of such a beautiful, completely relaxed and fun wedding.  Thanks so much to Sarah and Ross for allowing me to be part of the day, and special thanks to Coco Boardman for her help and expertise!  Also, thanks to Erinne and the crew at the Liberty for being so easy to work with as well as Kahootz for providing a packed dance floor as usual!  Check out the slideshow below if you want to see more:

Sarah & Ross from Ned Jackson on Vimeo.


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