Resa & Chris

Sandwiched between two weekends of hard, steady rain, Resa and Chris couldn’t have dialed in a better day.  It was absolutely perfect for a sunset ceremony at the Haverhill Country Club.  Not only were Resa and Chris a delight to be with, I was lucky enough to be joined by the super-fabulous Shyla.

Resa got ready with her bridesmaids at her mom’s (Barbara) house.


Barbara executed amazing self-control while Resa and her sister, Beth, got ready in the master bedroom.  This was her first look at Resa in her dress:


Resa flexing the muscle…. love it!  Don’t mess with this bride!


I love this one.


As all smart brides do just before leaving the house, Resa got a little bit to eat with these “Scrabble” Cheeze-its.  Would you believe she reached in the box and this is what she pulled out?


Shyla snapped my favorite portrait of the day while Resa was paying attention to me.


Chris and his friends had fun with the portraits before the ceremony.  They leaned against the wall as a goof and hammed it up a bit for the camera.


Talk about beautiful light during the ceremony.  Resa was glowing!


Yet another reason why I always have second shooters – Shyla was playing around and grabbed this great silhouette:


Another great moment from Mom:


Funny story on this one.  I always take great care to tread lightly during the ceremony and I work hard to make my presence as imperceptible as possible.  Shyla works the same way and at one point during the ceremony, she was so stealthy that I actually lost track of her (and this wasn’t a huge space).  I could hear the shutter clicking, then looked down the side isle and saw her high heels off to the side.  She snuck in low and grabbed this great angle of the first kiss.  Great one Shyla!


As usual, this is always one of my favorite moments of the day.  Maybe I’m projecting the way I felt on my wedding day, but there’s nothing quite like walking down that isle.


After the ceremony we headed out to snap some formals.  Resa and her sister, Beth, have the most deadpan humor and can make each other laugh with almost no effort.




Resa and Chris played a slideshow before being introduced for the first time.  It was so great to watch the reactions of the parents while it played.


The two mothers.


The first dance.  Love these two moments.


I highly recommend that you check out the slideshow for this one.  This song was in their slideshow and I thought it went so well with the day.  Make sure you double-click to get it playing.

Special thanks to Shyla for joining me for the day.  And to Resa and Chris, I loved being a part of your wedding.  Thank you so much!


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