Phuong & James – A Boston Wedding

Phew!  With one wedding left in 2012, it feels great to finally be able to wrap things up and see a quieter period on the horizon.  Winter in the studio always has a more 9-5 feel than the frenetic pace of the summer and fall.  I’m also excited to have more time to process the year and to be able to share some of the fantastically interesting, beautiful and touching weddings from this year.  I think you’re going to love today’s post!  Phuong and James are high school sweethearts who are literally two of the nicest people you’ll ever meet.  To say the day was a marathon is an understatement.  The morning started early at Phuong’s house where a traditional tea ceremony would be held for the two families.  After the tea ceremony, Phuong changed from her tea ceremony dress into a more traditional ‘western’ wedding gown. Then the two headed to a local church to celebrate their nuptials in front of all their families and friends.  With the ceremony taking place earlier in the day, it left ample time to travel into Boston to take photos in what we thought would be the public library (given the fact that it was POURING).   However, we completely lucked out and got a break in the rain for about one hour – which allowed us to sneak into a nearly deserted public gardens!  After some fun in the park, we headed to a restaurant back in Boston for a fantastic reception.  I was joined by my good friend Coco Boardman.  I hope you enjoy the post!

Here’s a few of my favorites while Phuong got ready.


It’s especially nice to have a sister who also does makeup!


Coco was up bright and early with James.  Love that smile!

James getting a little touch up help from the Maid of Honor and Best Man! (Shot by Coco)

Coco’s great portrait of James:

Phuong looked radiant in her traditional tea ceremony dress:



The family cat, dress for the occasion.  

James’ father waiting for the ceremony:

The “First Look:”

The Tea Ceremony:

The two fathers sharing tea. Love this one!

Phuong gets into her wedding dress:

A few favorites from the ceremony:

Heading into Boston for lunch and photos in the park:

I jokingly said – “Ok flash your gang sign….”  They were lightening quick!

Shortly after this picture the rains came down in sheets”

Love this cake!


How cute are these two?!

One of my favorites from the toasts:

During some party games a young guest self-moderates himself:

Rockin’ it to some karaoke!

How about them shoes!


Thanks so much to Phuong and James for inviting me to share this day!  What fun to take part in this!  Also -special thanks to Coco for her help!  Check out the slideshow below:


Phuong & James from Ned Jackson on Vimeo.


  • December 7, 2012 - 10:51 am

    Krista - A wedding with karaoke! That’s my kind of wedding! 🙂

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