Natasha & Judson – A New England Fall Wedding

I’m not sure where to even start with Natasha and Judson.  They really are remarkably fun and charming people.  Not to mention, they are absolutely two of the most open and warm individuals, and I really have enjoyed our new friendship- not to mention the delicious homemade peppermint bark that they sent!  Natasha (and I don’t think she’d mind me saying this) is a photo FREAK!  She has albums, upon albums, upon albums of pictures, which means – you guessed it – her wedding photos were slightly important to her.  No pressure, right?!  That being said, they both wanted to have a ton of fun with the pictures and I think we did.  I flagged just a few of my favorites from the day that will help tell the story.  Be sure to check out the slideshow at the end!

When the dress came out to be put on, these adorable little girls just couldn’t take their eyes off it!


Ok… sit down for this one.  I’ve tried to explain how impressive Natasha and Judson are, but get this… Natasha made all of her flower arrangements.  You got that right MADE.  Using preserved leaves she learned how to make them into flowers and made all of the bouquets.  How cool is that?!


A closeup to give you an idea of the amount of work that went into this:



Natasha’s mom helped her get her veil on just before the ceremony.  This is just as her mom finished getting it just right.


The ceremony took place in the quintessential New England white church in Newburyport:


My talented friend and second shooter Don Mamone captured this great angle:


Always one of the best moments of the wedding:


We took a moment to take a few fun formals in the church after the ceremony.



After the ceremony, Natasha left us generous amounts of time to wander through Newburyport to take pictures.  Fortunately the rain held off just long enough for us to have some fun!



From the moment Natasha mentioned that she wanted to have photos taken in Newburyport, I had this image in my head!


Don grabbed this great angle:


Love this one.


Heading back to the limo, there were just the biggest golden trees.


Lest you think these two take themselves too seriously, here’s a couple of my favorites that give you a glimpse into their personality:



Finally at the Hellenic Center in Ipswich, MA, we had some more free time to play!



Now – understand that this day was filled with scattered showers and ended up with a torrential downpour –  I think Natasha still doesn’t believe me that there was actually blue sky peeking through!



I thought this cake absolutely complimented the colors and theme of the wedding so well.


The final dip for a fantastic couple!


And last but certainly not least…. check out the slideshow (and keep double clicking if it doesn’t seem to open)

Natasha and Judson- thank you so much for letting me share in your beautiful wedding.  You are the first couple to ever give me a plug on your Christmas card – and for that – I can never repay you guys!  I have thoroughly enjoyed capturing these moments and I am so glad that we have become friends!

Also – special thanks to Don Mamone for making the trip from Dallas to help me out!

  • December 23, 2009 - 2:40 pm

    Don Mamone - Thanks for all the kind comments Ned! It is always such a pleasure to work with you!

  • January 19, 2010 - 6:14 pm

    Natasha K - Hmmm…FREAK might be a bit harsh…then again…it may not.
    We LOVED working with you, Ned, and you too, Don. And your photos are EXQUISITE.
    (P.S. I totally believe you when you say the sky was that blue–but my guests were shocked by the blue!)

  • April 4, 2013 - 6:29 pm


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