Nan & Tyler – A Christ Church Wedding

I’m so excited to share this wedding!  It’s really not often that my extended family has a reason to gather these days.  Nan is my youngest cousin and we grew up together (or more honestly, I grew up babysitting Nan and her brother Peter).   She’s one of the sweetest people you’ll meet and her namesake is my mother, Nan.  So when she called to ask me if I’d consider photographing her wedding with Tyler I was so excited to be able to capture all the fun for them.  It was also incredibly exciting because I knew that all my cousins would have a reason to gather for the first time in a long time.  Here’s a few of my favorites from the day.  I hope you enjoy!

Nan was just plain adorable in the morning at the hair salon:


The ring pillow needlepointed by Nan’s grandmother.


My mother and aunt Margaret.

Nan was married in my childhood church.  She got her dress on in the room where I did my confirmation class in 8th grade!

Margaret making some last minute adjustments:

It may have been 8 billion degrees out, but these ladies looked fantastic!

We had to pop inside for a few pictures in the small chapel where we spent so much time as children:

Tyler and the groomsmen met shortly before to get ready in the same chapel before Nan and Tyler met privately for the first time.


Using the cell phone as a mirror:

We found a nice shady spot for a private moment.


How cute are these two?


It’s just so great to see your cousin so happy!

christ_church_wedding_052 christ_church_wedding_055

How priceless is this face?!


One of my favorite moments of the day:

christ_church_wedding_060 christ_church_wedding_062

christ_church_wedding_065 christ_church_wedding_067 christ_church_wedding_070

Love this moment:

christ_church_wedding_114 christ_church_wedding_115

It was nice to give them a quiet second to process their new marital status!


This is the whole kit and kaboodle… my extended family.  Thanks to Regina Miller for stepping in and taking the photo for me!  (see the giant in the back row?)

christ_church_wedding_083 christ_church_wedding_082

What do you get when you give cousins unfettered access to snacks, drinks and free roam of a parish hall?  This….  (note the crazy dude with blue shoes – that’s Nate, my son)


Just a beautiful first dance.  So happy for them!


Nan and her father, Greg:


Then there’s my dad…. took a few opportunities to catch some Zzzzz…..


My cousins, Mary C & Dick:


My 2nd Cousin!


Nan’s brother Peter giving me a fierce tiger dance:

christ_church_wedding_111 christ_church_wedding_112

Congrats Nan and Tyler!!   To see more from Nan & Tyler’s wedding, you can view the slideshow below:

Nan & Tyler from Ned Jackson on Vimeo.


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