Monica and David

A few weeks back, I was honored to photograph the wedding of Monica and Dave.  As I think you’ll see from the pictures, these two were a blast to work with.  Not only was their venue beautiful (Fruitlands Museum in Harvard, MA), but throughout the day, they gave each other the most amazing looks and made my job very, very easy.  Although, I must admit that I’ve never had a more difficult time editing down for the slideshow and for this post.  I had so many favorites.  Each time I looked at the pictures again, I changed my mind – as you can see – I didn’t leave out many!  Make sure you check out the slideshow at the end of the post!!

I’ll start with a few of Monica – special thanks to Dave for that smile on the right.  That’s the smile of a new bride to her new husband!  The one on the left is one of my personal favorites from the day.


For all the photographers out there, this one was shot with a 85mm f1.4:


I just love the smiles on these two!  AND…. you can’t beat the light.  The shot of Monica was done using window light, with a white reflector disk to camera left.  Dave’s was strictly natural light… in a nice shady spot!


Eric grabbed this nice one below, while I was taking a few shots to his right.  All natural light.


People often ask if I pose people.  The obvious answer is yes.  I sometimes put people into beautiful places – but often – I can get the shot I want without posing.  For example, the shot below on the left was taken while Monica was getting her shoes put on.  I was standing above her on the stair case.



There were a bunch of great shots from the ceremony.  The view was spectacular.  This is my wife, Amanda’s, favorite from the day.  You have to love those big tall pines.  What a backdrop!


How can you not have fun photographing weddings?!


The light was perfect as they made their way back down the isle as newlyweds!  Check out Monica’s mom – love that smile!


Monica, Dave and I snuck away to grab a great series of images.  I LOVE this one. Might be my favorite from the day.


Again – this is another favorite of Amanda.  I like it too.


I live for the moment… that split second when the expression is just perfect.  Fortunately, Monica and Dave were like this during the entire dance!  I love the grandmother grabbing the shot on her digital camera.



I was  loving the back lighting of these two while they ate dinner.  And check out the view behind them.  Unbelievable.


The reception was filled with more excellent moments.  Eric caught this happy *accident* with Monica and her father.  One of the other guests provided the backlighting with their flash!


About midway through the reception – Monica’s family and friends circled up around her and performed this great dance around her.  Very cute moment.  Love the expression on the right.


I just love this shot.  My favorite part is everyone in the background.



Like I said – I just live for the “moment.”  This is one of them.


I have so many other “favorites” from the day, I wish I could blog more – but check out the slideshow below by clicking on the invitation image.  It’s worth the 4 minutes!

Thanks Monica and Dave for inviting me to share in your wedding day. I had a blast!

  • July 6, 2009 - 7:59 am

    Don Mamone - Ned,

    Just when I think that you may have reached the heights of your greatness, you seem to outdo yourself! This wedding is just beautiful and the moments you have captured are exceptional!


  • July 6, 2009 - 8:07 am

    MKD Photography - Beautiful Work Ned! Super clean. Love the window light shots & the nice rim light on the dancing pics. Kate’s sister is getting married there in September, we can’t wait to shoot it. Should be fun! -Mike

  • July 6, 2009 - 11:09 am

    Scott Quarforth - Ned-

    What f-stop do you find yourself shooting with the most? For example, group shots (dancing or wedding party), wide open at f/4 or more narrow at f/11?
    Great series of shots for this wedding. I particularly love the ceremony shot with the tall pines.


  • July 8, 2009 - 9:16 pm

    Anastasiya - Loved this wedding, thanks for sharing! Great location and light is so crisp and vivid! And the couple is so cute and open. Your pictures made everything look like a dream wedding for sure!

  • July 9, 2009 - 12:24 pm

    Monica (The Bride) - Ned,
    Thanks so much for posting this wonderful collection of some of our favorite wedding moments. I can’t stop coming back to the blog to visit and relive it all! We just love the photos!
    – Monica (and Dave)

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