Molly & Brian – A Holliston Historical Society Barn Wedding

I’ve always felt that it’s a tremendous honor to be invited to capture the story of someone’s wedding.  When a family invites you to a 2nd wedding, it reaches a new stratosphere.  You might remember Megan and Brent’s wedding in June of 2011 (a nicer couple and family you’d be hard pressed to find).  I just fell in love with their families and I felt like I was an old friend from moment one.  I was so excited to hear about Molly’s engagement to Brian and thrilled to be able to capture another gorgeous day.  Turns out Molly and Brian are every bit as nice!!  And I must say that their sister Emily still holds the crown as the funniest wedding toast I’ve heard in 10 years of weddings.  I just adore these people and I hope you enjoy some of my favorite images from their big day at the Holliston Historical Society Barn.

Molly’s mother helped her adjust the blusher:

Kids just love weddings.

My good friend Mark Davidson joined me for the day and started off with the guys.  Here the guys open their groomsmen gifts:

Mark hid out behind Molly for the first look and got this great shot:

This is the smile of a truly happy bride!

Molly and her bridesmaids:

The anticipation of the ceremony:

Mark hung out in the back of the church and grabbed these great moments:

Love this one!

This is the 2nd time I’ve done this for this family – this time they provided me an 11 foot ladder!  Makes for a cool shot!

Leaving in full style!

It was amazing – all day long it looked as if it were going to storm.  It rained for exactly 15 minutes – while the couple was in the church getting married.  Immediately after the sun came out and provided the most gorgeous evening light.

Some details from the Holliston Historical Society”

Emily and Megan giving another great toast:

One last image to close the night.

I can’t extend a big enough thank you to the Wijas family for allowing me to be there for another amazing family event.  Also, special thanks to Mark Davidson for his help as well!  Check out the slideshow to see more below!

Molly & Brian from Ned Jackson on Vimeo.


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