Margaux and Paul – A Gibbet Hill Wedding

I met with Margaux and Paul back in October of 2009 over a coffee and it only took me a few sips of my latte to discover that these two were pretty adorable together.  Both have a smile that lights up their whole face – and it looked to me that they could make each other light up on call.  I knew without a doubt that they were going to be so fun to photograph on their wedding day.  When their wedding finally rolled around, I wasn’t disappointed in the least.  Their reception was held at Gibbet Hill in Groton, MA – and despite the absolutely torrential rain during the afternoon, somehow they skies opened just in time for the ceremony and the cocktail hour, which allowed us to get some fantastic shots outside the barn.  I also got the chance to work alongside the extremely talented Jeff Brouillet who manages to somehow produce a same-day edit of his fantastic films.  I’ll throw a link to their SDE at the bottom of the post.   Now check out some of my favorites from the day!

Margaux’s dress looked so cute hanging in her parents bedroom.

See what I mean about the smile?  Here Margaux’s bridesmaids help her secure her gown:

One of my favorites from the ceremony:

Now… I know what this looks like.  It looks like I asked Paul to pick her up and pose, right?  Not so…. as they came down the aisle and popped out the front door of the church, Paul chivalrously scooped up his new wife to keep her safe on the slippery steps.  I was only lucky to catch this frame and not tumble backwards down the stairs!

I was joined by Doug Levy for the day who grabbed this great shot while we waited to get back in the church while the guests left.  A fun coincidence… I’ll be photographing Doug’s wedding in nearly two months at Gibbet Hill as well!

It seems like I’ve had a stretch of weddings with a wind machine 😉

The cloudy afternoon light made for unbelievably soft light and adorable portraits between the two of them.

After spending some time outdoors, the party moved inside to Gibbet Hill’s amazing space.  Here were a few of my favorites from the first dance:

I LOVE toasts.  It’s where I feel like I really get to know the essence of a couple – and witness, firsthand, all the love that their family and friends have for the couple.  Here Margaux’s sister gets a few tears in her toast.  Thanks to Doug for the shot on the left.

Paul’s brother…. think he’s happy for his brother?

Another great angle by Doug:

At the end of the night, Margaux and Paul’s families surrounded them and encased them in a giant hug.

Without a doubt, you’ve got to check out this slideshow.  Talk about a fun party!  Feel free to let me know what you think in the comments!

Thanks so much Margaux and Paul for being amazingly cute – and for being fantastic to work with.  Also a special thanks to Doug for all his help.  By the way – here’s the link to Margaux and Paul’s Same Day Edit on Jeff’s Blog:  Click Here!


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