Maggie & Pete – A Peabody Essex Museum Wedding

Amazing how a year can fly by.  As the new year draws near I’m finally having a few moments to reflect and catch up on the “little things” in the studio… like blogging for example!  December has been a whirlwind (we’ve delivered 10 amazing albums in December alone)!  But this week – I wanted to share a bit from the past year.  I’ll hopefully try to share something new each day.  I’ve been dying to share Maggie and Pete’s beautiful wedding since it took place!

Maggie started out the day in an adorable little inn in Salem, not too far from the Peabody Essex Museum (where the reception was held).  A few of my favorites from getting ready:

Ok… excuse the cheesy pun, but all hands were on deck to help Maggie into her dress.  Ok… I know. No more.

All smiles as the girls helped Maggie:

These are the moments when I sit back and realize how lucky I am to be able to share moments like this:

LOVE this one.

Ok… so I LOVE this one too!

Maggie was simply stunning.

Maggie’s dad helps her down the stairs and out the door.

Maggie and Pete arranged a first look in the small garden next to the Peabody Essex Museum.

The understandably excited groom-to-be:

I love this catch by Doug Levy on the left (who joined me for the day) as Maggie waited for the ceremony to begin.  The ceremony was held in Salem’s Old Town Hall.

Maggie and her father just before their walk down the isle.

Doug discreetly snapped this great image of Pete just as Maggie made her way into view.

Talk about gorgeous light inside the room.

A stunning place to get married.

The newlyweds emerge as one united couple for the first time!

Shooting inside the Peabody essex museum is a dream with big bold beautiful architecture to play off of, unbelievable light, and of course – these two!

Maggie was enjoying a few cocktails out on the patio and I saw this wonderful ivy wall that made the perfect backdrop for one last quick portrait.

A few colors and details from the day:

The reception took place in the East India Marine Hall and Maggie and Pete’s first dance was framed by this beautiful set of windows.

Beautiful light.

A few favorites from the toasts:

The final kiss!


A big thank you to Pete and Maggie for being such gracious hosts and having such wonderfully fun and welcoming friends and family!  Also thanks to Doug Levy as well as Natalia from the Peabody Essex Museum.

Check out their slideshow:






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