Lisa & Mike – A Seaport Hotel Wedding

I had such an absolute blast sharing the day with Lisa and Mike.  It was one of those crazy kind of days where it looks like the skies might open up at any minute – and it did!  But not before the couple was married and had an awesome cruise around the harbor on a boat that met us in the North End at Battery Wharf.  The day began at the Seaport Hotel where the bridal party got ready.  From there they headed to the North End for the ceremony at St. Leonards on Hanover Street.  After the ceremony the bridal party made a quick trek to the Battery Wharf where they boarded a chartered boat for a cruise around the harbor.  This allowed us to make a few stops for pictures here and there.  Just as we wrapped up our formal pictures and made our way back to the Seaport area the skies finally let go.

Here’s a few favorites from the day.  Hope you enjoy!

seaport_hotel_wedding_03 seaport_hotel_wedding_06 seaport_hotel_wedding_07 seaport_hotel_wedding_08 seaport_hotel_wedding_10 seaport_hotel_wedding_11 seaport_hotel_wedding_14 seaport_hotel_wedding_24

Prepare yourself for serious awesomeness of these two:

seaport_hotel_wedding_28 seaport_hotel_wedding_30 seaport_hotel_wedding_31 seaport_hotel_wedding_33 seaport_hotel_wedding_37 seaport_hotel_wedding_35 seaport_hotel_wedding_36 seaport_hotel_wedding_39 seaport_hotel_wedding_41

A quiet moment on the trolley to Battery Wharf:

seaport_hotel_wedding_43 seaport_hotel_wedding_45

seaport_hotel_wedding_46 seaport_hotel_wedding_58 seaport_hotel_wedding_49

The boat allowed us the freedom to pop over to the Moakley Courthouse which has some amazing views of the city behind.

seaport_hotel_wedding_53 seaport_hotel_wedding_55 seaport_hotel_wedding_60

Despite the rain, we ducked under the generous overhangs of the Seaport and stole a few more minutes before cocktail began:

seaport_hotel_wedding_63 seaport_hotel_wedding_64 seaport_hotel_wedding_65

A few favorites from the reception:

seaport_hotel_wedding_67 seaport_hotel_wedding_75 seaport_hotel_wedding_78 seaport_hotel_wedding_87

Uh huh.

seaport_hotel_wedding_88 seaport_hotel_wedding_91 seaport_hotel_wedding_92 seaport_hotel_wedding_94

Towards the end of the reception the rain stopped and we ducked outside for a few shots overlooking the city again.  Such a fun night!


Thanks so much to Lisa and Mike for allowing me to share their wedding day.  And special thanks to David DiNisco for his help during the day.  To see more from Lisa & Mike’s wedding, you can watch the slideshow below:

Lisa & Mike from Ned Jackson on Vimeo.


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