Lindsay & Jeremy – A Tyrone Farm Wedding

This year I had the pleasure of photographing three weddings for friends or family.  Lindsay is my wife’s cousin and I’ve spent the last 14 years getting to know her.  It was so great to get the news that she and Jeremy were engaged.  Jeremy is always my bud on Christmas and Thanksgiving and I was so honored to be part of their beautiful day. They decided to get married at one of my favorite venues of all time, Tyrone Farm in Pomfret, CT.  Their goal was to create a relaxed, casual and fun environment for all involved.  As usual, Ian and Anne-Lise from Tyrone took incredible care of everyone.  Here are some of my favorites from the day.  I hope you enjoy!

2014-06-24_0001 tyrone_farm_wedding_005 tyrone_farm_wedding_006 tyrone_farm_wedding_016 tyrone_farm_wedding_017 tyrone_farm_wedding_019 tyrone_farm_wedding_020 tyrone_farm_wedding_023 tyrone_farm_wedding_024 tyrone_farm_wedding_027

Lindsay reading a note from Jerermy:

tyrone_farm_wedding_028 tyrone_farm_wedding_030


I was joined by my good friend David DiNisco who started the day hanging out with the guys:

tyrone_farm_wedding_042 tyrone_farm_wedding_048 tyrone_farm_wedding_051 tyrone_farm_wedding_053

I met up with Jeremy at the farm just before he got to see Lindsay for the first time that day:

tyrone_farm_wedding_057 tyrone_farm_wedding_059

How cute are these two?

tyrone_farm_wedding_066 tyrone_farm_wedding_073

tyrone_farm_wedding_075 tyrone_farm_wedding_077 tyrone_farm_wedding_078

The weather couldn’t have been more perfect for the ceremony:

2014-06-24_0004 tyrone_farm_wedding_087

tyrone_farm_wedding_093 tyrone_farm_wedding_099 tyrone_farm_wedding_100 tyrone_farm_wedding_102 tyrone_farm_wedding_103 tyrone_farm_wedding_105 tyrone_farm_wedding_110

Some details from the day:


tyrone_farm_wedding_122 tyrone_farm_wedding_125

Guests gathered round an iPad to watch California Chrome try to win the Triple Crown (he didn’t):

tyrone_farm_wedding_128 tyrone_farm_wedding_129

Guests took polaroids of each other in lieu of a guestbook:


After dinner, guests were ushered from the tent into the barn for the festivities:

tyrone_farm_wedding_139 tyrone_farm_wedding_140 tyrone_farm_wedding_141 tyrone_farm_wedding_144 tyrone_farm_wedding_145

My son, Nate, gettin’ his s’more on:

tyrone_farm_wedding_151 tyrone_farm_wedding_154

The bar- always popular:

tyrone_farm_wedding_155 tyrone_farm_wedding_156

To see more from their lovely summer wedding, watch their slideshow below:

Thanks so much to Lindsay and Jeremy for letting me be a part of this day. Also, special thanks to Ian and Anne-Lise for treating us like family as well as to Dave for being such a hardworking wingman.


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