Laura & Chris – A Granite Links Wedding

Ok – hang on to your hats, this is a long one.  But, hopefully you’ll find it worth it!  I received a call from Laura and Chris last year, and they mentioned that I had been recommended by a mutual friend (and fellow photographer) Doug Levy.  It’s always an honor to have a couple want to hire you to photograph a wedding, but it’s especially flattering to have a recommendation from a fellow photographer.  I’m nearly 100% certain it’s impossible to be any nicer (or cute) than these two.  We met last year for some engagement photos and had a blast together.  So when I showed up at the wedding, it felt like seeing old friends.  I think you’ll soon see why I had a hard time picking only a few – these two looked fabulous!  Their reception and ceremony was held at Granite Links in Quincy, MA.

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Laura’s mom applies a last minute touch up before Laura and Chris see each other for the first time. Thanks to Mark Higgins (who was kind enough to 2nd with me for the day) for grabbing the great shot on the right.

Laura looked stunning with the warm sun coming through the windows.

I love the subtlety of her dress and jewelry.

Laura and Chris see each other for the first time.

Just below the hill that Granite Links sits on is an old abandoned quarry with some 19th century ruins.  We took a few moments before the ceremony to sneak down and get some great shots.  This is one of my favorites from the day.  And yes… I did rent a wind machine. (just kidding)

I’m also very partial to this one!

See what I mean about these two?

Loved the colors of the bridesmaids’ dresses and how they accented the flowers perfectly.

A few moments from the Ketubah signing:

Chris and Laura’s father checking out the view before the ceremony.

The entourage:

Now…. I am sure that every groom who gets married in the Jewish tradition worries about this moment: the breaking of the glass.  I’m here to defend Chris on this one… that glass was SERIOUSLY strong!  He stomped very hard the first time and nothing happened!  I love the expression.  Thanks to Mark Higgins for the shot on the right.

Immediately as the ceremony ended, the sun was setting over the hills and we had just a few moments to grab some wonderful sunlight.

Love this one:

Watching these two during the first dance was as fun as it looks… they were captivating.

A few favorites from the toast:

Again… in Chris’ defense… his brother sprung this trap and brought this to the wedding.  But I must admit that was a pretty classic move.

Chris & his mother:

Midway through the reception, a few of Chris’ close buddies joined him in a sweetheart serenade of Laura!

It’s always that moment when the chair first leaves the ground that fear and excitement merge in the most fantastic way:

A fittingly romantic end to a wonderful day.

You’ve got to check out the slideshow because I guarantee you’ll enjoy seeing the story of their day!

Thanks so much Laura and Chris for letting me share this day.  Also, special thanks to Mark Higgins for helping me out!


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