Lara & John – A Hildene Wedding

This post is absolutely guaranteed to bring a smile to your face.  Lara has the most infectious smile and almost every picture is all about the joy of the day.  Lara and John’s ceremony and reception were held at the summer home of Abraham Lincoln’s son, the Hildene, in Manchester, VT.  It’s a stunning spot located on a plateau between two valleys, so you’re surrounded by gorgeous views of the mountains.  Lara and her family grew up skiing at Stratton Mountain so it seemed natural for them to get ready there.  We met up with them in one of the condos where the girls got their hair and makeup done.  It was a chilly day but the spirits weren’t dampened by the weather.

Some shots from the girls getting ready:


The mothers of the bride and groom got along famously!


The gardens behind the mansion are a perfect setting for a wedding.


We decided to have the couple see each other in the beautiful gardens.  Lara was only too happy to sneak up on John.

hildene-vermont-wedding_10 hildene-vermont-wedding_11 hildene-vermont-wedding_13 hildene-vermont-wedding_14 hildene-vermont-wedding_15 hildene-vermont-wedding_16

I loved the little touches of fall around the ceremony:


Lara’s parents escorting her to the ceremony:

hildene-vermont-wedding_18 hildene-vermont-wedding_19


hildene-vermont-wedding_20 hildene-vermont-wedding_21 hildene-vermont-wedding_22

What a stunning view!



hildene-vermont-wedding_25 hildene-vermont-wedding_26 hildene-vermont-wedding_27

A few details from the reception:


This smile never faded throughout the entire day:

hildene-vermont-wedding_29 hildene-vermont-wedding_30 hildene-vermont-wedding_31 hildene-vermont-wedding_32 hildene-vermont-wedding_33 hildene-vermont-wedding_34 hildene-vermont-wedding_35 hildene-vermont-wedding_36 hildene-vermont-wedding_37 hildene-vermont-wedding_38 hildene-vermont-wedding_39

hildene-vermont-wedding_40 hildene-vermont-wedding_41 hildene-vermont-wedding_42 hildene-vermont-wedding_43

To see more from Lara & John’s wedding, you can view their slideshow:

Lara & John from Ned Jackson on Vimeo.


I honestly can’t tell you how fun it is to relive this day through these pictures.  It was absolutely as fun as it looks!  Thank you so much to Lara and John for including me in this beautiful day.  Also, special thanks to David DiNisco for making the trek up north with me.


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