Kristin & Bruce – A Wychmere Beach Club Wedding

I’m so excited to share this beautiful fall Cape Cod wedding.  Driving down to Chatham that morning in the thick rain, I was a bit nervous about how the day would unfold.  However, as I think you’ll see in the images, sometimes a little rain makes for the most beautiful day you could imagine.  Kristin was literally beaming despite the rain when we arrived.  I had plenty of time to spend with the girls as they got ready and it was such a pleasure to explore the beautiful house where they got ready for the ceremony.  I was joined by my good friend Kelly Lorenz who started off with the guys as they got ready.  Here are some of my favorites from the day.  I hope you enjoy!

As we pulled up to the house, this was the view we were greeted with:


Some of the wedding details:

wychmere_beach_club_wedding_03 wychmere_beach_club_wedding_04

Kristin’s father reading a note she wrote for him:

wychmere_beach_club_wedding_05 wychmere_beach_club_wedding_06

Despite the pouring rain, Kristin never seemed to doubt how amazing the day would be:

wychmere_beach_club_wedding_07 wychmere_beach_club_wedding_08

The flower girls keeping busy:

wychmere_beach_club_wedding_10Kristin reading a note from Bruce:

wychmere_beach_club_wedding_11 wychmere_beach_club_wedding_13 wychmere_beach_club_wedding_15 wychmere_beach_club_wedding_16 wychmere_beach_club_wedding_19

One of my favorites from 2014.  I love this!

rainy wychmere beach wedding

Dad was the hero of the day:


Kelly captured the guys as they got ready just around the block:

wychmere_beach_club_wedding_22 wychmere_beach_club_wedding_24 wychmere_beach_club_wedding_25 wychmere_beach_club_wedding_30 wychmere_beach_club_wedding_29

A beautiful ceremony in Chatham:

wychmere_beach_club_wedding_34 wychmere_beach_club_wedding_36 wychmere_beach_club_wedding_38


Ringing the bell after the ceremony:


The bridal party and guests lined the walkway outside the church to throw lavender.  The rain stopped during the ceremony and gave us breaks throughout for some fantastic pictures.

Such a joyous moment:

wychmere_beach_club_wedding_47 wychmere_beach_club_wedding_48 wychmere_beach_club_wedding_49

We had plenty of time to explore the areas around Wychmere for some portraits:

wychmere_beach_club_wedding_50 wychmere_beach_club_wedding_51 wychmere_beach_club_wedding_53 wychmere_beach_club_wedding_56 wychmere_beach_club_wedding_57 wychmere_beach_club_wedding_59

Inside Wychmere, preparations were just finishing up for an amazing party to come:

wychmere_beach_club_wedding_60 wychmere_beach_club_wedding_62

Just as cocktail hour was wrapping up, the clouds pulled away and we were treated to an amazing sunset.

wychmere_beach_club_wedding_67 wychmere_beach_club_wedding_68 wychmere_beach_club_wedding_70

The first dance:

wychmere_beach_club_wedding_71 wychmere_beach_club_wedding_73

Some of my favorites from the toasts:

wychmere_beach_club_wedding_74 wychmere_beach_club_wedding_77 wychmere_beach_club_wedding_76

Bruce took a minute to talk to the crowd about his new wife:

wychmere_beach_club_wedding_78 wychmere_beach_club_wedding_80 wychmere_beach_club_wedding_81 wychmere_beach_club_wedding_82 wychmere_beach_club_wedding_84 wychmere_beach_club_wedding_85 wychmere_beach_club_wedding_83

To see more from Kristin and Bruce’s beautiful day, you can view the slideshow below:

Thank you so much to Kristin and Bruce for being so amazing to work with!  Also, special thanks to Kelly Lorenz for her excellent help as well!


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