Kerry & Steven – A Mandarin Oriental Wedding

I knew it would take a marathon blog day to get caught up.  Today was that day.  One Saturday.  Man vs. Machine.  Four posts written, prepped and scheduled!!  So get ready over the next week or so for some fun stories!

I’m so excited to share Kerry and Steven’s beautiful, let me repeat…. b-eau-ti-ful... wedding.  Kerry and Steven got married on a crisp November day last year and their day was simply stunning from start to finish.  Their ceremony took place in the North End’s St. Leonard’s Parish, and the reception was held at Boston’s Mandarin Oriental.  The reception room was literally filled to the brim with stunningly beautiful white orchids by Winston Flowers and the entire room was exquisitely lit by Suzanne B. Lowell Lighting.  I was joined for the day by my talented and unbelievably nice friend Shyla Dalirifar.  I was also happy to be working side by side with the crazy talented filmmaker Jeff Brouillet.  Be sure to check out his take on the day here – where he posted a trailer.

I started my day with the girls in their room while they got ready:

Kerry’s shoes were not to be missed.  The black marble countertops in her room made the perfect still life set.

The radiant bride getting some help with her earrings:

Shyla started her day with the guys as they got ready.

Steven’s father getting a little help from his son.

Teamwork was the name of the game.  Steven’s brothers helped each other with their ties.

A great catch by Shyla as the guys made their way to the church through Boston’s North End.

How can you not just love this little guy.  He couldn’t help himself from peeking through the curtain before the ceremony.  He was just ready to go!!

There are just some moments that line up so perfectly for you as a photographer.  I just love this one.

I think this little guy might have had a crush on Shyla!  She grabbed this great one of him hamming it up during the ceremony.

Kerry and Steven escape out to the North End after the ceremony.

We headed over to Christopher Columbus Park for some portraits after the ceremony.  The girls got props for sticking it out in the cold!

I love these hockey puck place cards!

See what I mean by stunning?

The grand entrance:

A nice moment during the first dance.

Steven cracking up during his best man’s toast.

Shyla grabbed this unbelievably fantastic shot of Kerry’s shoes when Steven spun her on the dance floor.


The evening’s entertainment was provided by Eye 2 Eye – although Steven and his brothers provided some vocal assistance!


Be sure to check out their slideshow:


Thank you so much Kerry and Steven!  I had such a blast and it’s so fun to relive on the blog.  Also, special thanks to Shyla for the help!


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