Kelsey & Karl – A Codman Estate Wedding

It’s always great to meet couples who seem to absolutely adore each other’s company.  When I first met Kelsey and Karl and got to know a bit about their interests it was so fun to watch them together and hear all the common interests they shared – especially reading.  You could really tell how they made each other so happy.  I was so excited when they asked me to photograph their wedding.  It didn’t hurt that Karl and I discovered we were both huge history buffs (we geeked out to some Civil War conversation).  Their wedding was held at the Codman Estate.  Kelsey spent the morning at graduation, then biked back to her house to get read to get married.  Talk about laid back!  Definitely a great start to the day.  They dialed in just about one of the most beautiful days of the year.  It couldn’t have been more pleasant.  I picked a few favorites from the day.  Hope you enjoy!


A little peace and quiet while Kelsey got her hair done.


Kelsey and her family hand made all of the flowers for the bridal party out of book pages to celebrate the couple’s love of reading.  How awesome are those?  I watched them make some.  Seriously impressive.

Kelsey looked spectacular!


I loved the colors of the day.

I was joined by my good friend, Doug Levy, who grabbed this great shot.

Keeping watch over the ceremony:

Karl sees Kelsey for the first time:

An idyllic spot for a ceremony:

A special guest at the ceremony:

Got my waders on for this one…. ok… maybe not.

Probably the most beautiful spot I’ve seen for a dress bustling!


Kelsey and Karl had this unbelievably awesome marriage certificate hand drawn and then artfully cut into this incredible piece of art.  

One of my favorite moments of the day:

Gotta do the dip 😉

Tables were decorated with copies of their favorite books, specifically ones that symbolized different aspects of their relationship.  So fun to walk around and see them all.


How cool is this bow tie?!  That’s solid wood!


Loved Doug’s shot from the first dance:

These two were killing it on the dance floor – as the night wound down – I caught this quick little dip.  Seemed a fitting end to the night!


Kelsey and Karl – thank you so much for including me in your beautiful day!  Thanks to Doug Levy as well!  Be sure to check out the slideshow!



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