Kate & Derek – A Seaport Hotel Wedding

You might recognize Kate….. or rather, you might recognize Kate’s identical sister, Lauren who was married earlier in the season!  Yes, I had the distinct honor of photographing both identical twin sisters’ weddings in one year!  The weddings were a bit different in style, but both were equally gorgeous.  I picked some of my favorites from the day. I hope you enjoy them.  Equally awesome was having the opportunity to work with Keith Soucy from Mapleloft Studios for this wedding as well.  My good friend Vince Schaefer was on hand to help me out as well.

The ceremony and reception was held at Boston’s Seaport Hotel in South Boston.  I started my day with the girls as they got ready:

seaport-hotel-wedding_03 seaport-hotel-wedding_04 seaport-hotel-wedding_05 seaport-hotel-wedding_06

Vince started the day hanging out with Derek. Here he is reading a letter from his soon-to-be wife!


os_slideshow_001 os_slideshow_002

Before the couple saw each other for the first time, Kate’s father wanted the chance to see her first.  Cue the waterworks!

seaport-hotel-wedding_09 seaport-hotel-wedding_10 seaport-hotel-wedding_11

Before the ceremony we arranged a private spot for Kate and Derek to meet:

seaport-hotel-wedding_12 seaport-hotel-wedding_13 seaport-hotel-wedding_14 seaport-hotel-wedding_15 seaport-hotel-wedding_16 seaport-hotel-wedding_17 seaport-hotel-wedding_18

The Seaport’s atrium was a beautiful spot for a ceremony:
seaport-hotel-wedding_19 seaport-hotel-wedding_20 seaport-hotel-wedding_21 seaport-hotel-wedding_22 seaport-hotel-wedding_24 seaport-hotel-wedding_23
seaport-hotel-wedding_25 seaport-hotel-wedding_26

I just love this shot!  The sunlight in the atrium was fantastic.


We took a few private minutes after the ceremony to enjoy the sun setting over the city.

seaport-hotel-wedding_29 seaport-hotel-wedding_30 seaport-hotel-wedding_31 seaport-hotel-wedding_32


Some favorites from the reception: seaport-hotel-wedding_33 seaport-hotel-wedding_34 seaport-hotel-wedding_35 seaport-hotel-wedding_36


seaport-hotel-wedding_37 seaport-hotel-wedding_38 seaport-hotel-wedding_39
seaport-hotel-wedding_41 seaport-hotel-wedding_40


To view more of Kate & Derek’s wedding, please view the slideshow below!


Thanks so much to Kate and Derek for including me in their beautiful wedding.  Also, special thanks to Vince Schaefer for his excellent help as well as Keith Soucy for being so easy to work with.


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