Kate & Bryan – A Hyannisport Club Wedding

I’ve got another gorgeous one to share for you!  Kate and Bryan were married on an absolutely stunning fall day in September down in Hyannis, MA.  The town has a special meaning for them as Bryan’s family has a home there and they’ve spent lots of time out on the water.  I even had the opportunity to join them for an engagement session out on the beach and I knew they would not be a difficult couple to work with!  They were about as easygoing as you could be and we had an absolute blast.  When their wedding day rolled around, it was so fun to be a part of the mix. The girls and guys got ready across the street from each other and the water was never more than a few steps away.  I think you’ll feel that theme throughout their images.

Here’s a few favorites!

hyannisport_club_wedding_02 hyannisport_club_wedding_07

Bryan’s sisters took Kate’s gift across the street for him to open:


Kate surprised the mothers by clipping photos of loved ones onto their bouquets.

It was obviously an appreciated gesture.

hyannisport_club_wedding_16 hyannisport_club_wedding_20 hyannisport_club_wedding_23 hyannisport_club_wedding_26 hyannisport_club_wedding_27

I was joined by my friend David DiNisco who began his day with the guys as they got ready:

hyannisport_club_wedding_32 hyannisport_club_wedding_33 hyannisport_club_wedding_35

The ceremony was held in this lovely chapel in Hyannisport:

hyannisport_club_wedding_39 hyannisport_club_wedding_40 hyannisport_club_wedding_43

hyannisport_club_wedding_44 hyannisport_club_wedding_45 hyannisport_club_wedding_46 hyannisport_club_wedding_48 hyannisport_club_wedding_49 hyannisport_club_wedding_50 hyannisport_club_wedding_51 hyannisport_club_wedding_52 hyannisport_club_wedding_54

Love this one!

hyannisport_club_wedding_55 hyannisport_club_wedding_56 hyannisport_club_wedding_57

Just down the street from the chapel, we snuck out onto the beach for a few portraits:

hyannisport_club_wedding_60 hyannisport_club_wedding_61 hyannisport_club_wedding_62 hyannisport_club_wedding_64Finally, we headed to the Hyannisport Country Club where we were treated to an unbelievable view and sunset.


hyannisport_club_wedding_75 hyannisport_club_wedding_76
hyannisport_club_wedding_78 hyannisport_club_wedding_79 hyannisport_club_wedding_80 hyannisport_club_wedding_83 hyannisport_club_wedding_87 hyannisport_club_wedding_93 hyannisport_club_wedding_94 hyannisport_club_wedding_95 hyannisport_club_wedding_97At the end of the evening, the guests were invited to an afterparty with some AMAZING drinks and snacks!

Thank you so much to Kate and Bryan for including me in their day!  Also, special thanks to David DiNisco for his help!  To see more from Kate & Bryan’s lovely wedding, you can view the slideshow below:

Kate & Bryan from Ned Jackson on Vimeo.


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