Julie & Nat – A Peabody Essex Museum Wedding

It only takes one quick look to see how fun Julie and Nat are to be around.  Both of them were smiling ear-to-ear all day long.  Add to that the fantastic colors these two chose and it made for a very fun day for me!  Julie, who is a high school photography teacher, has a fantastic eye for detail and definitely a fun sense of style.  It was a blast to shoot such fun and vibrant colors.  The party was every bit as fun as the colors in this wedding!  Their ceremony and reception both took place in the Peabody Essex Museum.  The ceremony was held in the East India Hall and the reception in the museum’s atrium.


Here is a quick inspiration board I pulled together for their wedding.  See what I mean about the colors?  And check out that cake!

Julie getting ready.  Liking what she sees!

Finishing touches:

I was joined by Doug Levy for the day and we were lucky enough to be able to capture this moment from both directions.  I really liked Doug’s angle from the hallway.

Just before the ceremony we had a few moments to catch a quick bridal portait.

LOVE this!

If you haven’t been to the Peabody Essex Museum it’s worth a stop, if not only for the architecture.  I had a quick moment to do some fun bridal portraits in the garden just outside the museum.

How cute is Julie’s dad?

The happy groom (taken by Doug):

I’m pretty sure these two could have been married in the middle of nowhere and still would have had a blast.

The couple was framed by a beautiful chuppah and these magnificent windows.

Guests shadowed by the great bowspirit figurehead:

Julie and Nat’s guests waived ribbons to celebrate their newlywed status.

The museum is indeed a photographer’s playground.

The gorgeous atrium.

I thought these were great little guest gifts – a small glass tabletop picture holder with different images from their engagement session we did together.

Certainly a grand space for a dramatic first dance:

Doug’s bird’s eye view from above.

Julie and Nat during the toasts.

Doug grabbed this great dance shot:

At the end of the dance these two were literally glowing.

Julie and her father.

A late night portrait with a little inspiration from the museum’s artwork:

Thank you so much Julie and Nat for allowing me to take part in your day!  Also a special thank you to Natalia from the Peabody Essex Museum, who is quite possibly one of the easiest people to work with.  Thanks to Doug Levy as well!


Check out the slideshow below:


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