Josephine & Christopher – A State Room Wedding

Josephine and Chris were married at the beautiful St. Leonard’s Parish in the North End of Boston, Ma.  It was so much fun to spend the morning getting to know her family and friends as they got ready in her family’s home.  From the North End, the party travelled just a few blocks away to the State Room.  I hope you enjoy some of my favorites from the day!

state_room_wedding_01 state_room_wedding_02

A little last minute speech rehearsal:

Josephine’s sisters helped her get into her gown:

state_room_wedding_03 state_room_wedding_04 state_room_wedding_05

Her dad seeing her in her gown for the first time:

state_room_wedding_06 state_room_wedding_08 state_room_wedding_09

My good friend David DiNisco helped me out and started his day with the guys as they got ready:

state_room_wedding_10 state_room_wedding_11 state_room_wedding_12 state_room_wedding_13 state_room_wedding_14 state_room_wedding_15 state_room_wedding_16 state_room_wedding_17 state_room_wedding_18

I love this one!  One of my favorites of the day:


We headed to the Paul Revere park just down the street in the North End. It’s one of my favorite spots to stop.

state_room_wedding_20 state_room_wedding_21

state_room_wedding_22 state_room_wedding_23 state_room_wedding_24 state_room_wedding_25 state_room_wedding_26

I just love this image of them entering the ceremony:


A few favorites from the reception:

state_room_wedding_28 state_room_wedding_29 state_room_wedding_30 state_room_wedding_31 state_room_wedding_32 state_room_wedding_33 state_room_wedding_34 state_room_wedding_35 state_room_wedding_36 state_room_wedding_37 state_room_wedding_38 state_room_wedding_39

To see more from Josephine and Christopher’s wedding, check out the slideshow below. Thanks again to Josephine & Chris!

Josephine & Chris from Ned Jackson on Vimeo.


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