Jessie & Ned – A Gorgeous New Hampshire ‘Backyard’ Wedding

Ned is a pretty rare name.  As a kid, I had to deal with the shame and disappointment that NO toy store would ever stock a ‘NED’ license plate for my bike.  The name’s only quick foray into fame was during the Three Amigos when Little Neddy Neederlander captured so many hearts.  But it never caught on in the mainstream, even after its brush with Hollywood.  So when I come across another Ned, there’s a bit of an immediate bond from a shared set of experiences.  So you can imagine my delight at getting the chance to photograph a ‘Ned’s’ wedding!

In all seriousness, I think you’ll see from these pictures just how absolutely adorable these two are together.  They were married on a beautiful property up in New Hampshire and the weather cooperated just in time to deliver a truly stunning location for an outdoor ceremony and tented reception. I feel so lucky to have been there to capture two people so obviously happy to be together.  It was also a chance to work with the talented and supremely fun, Linnea Tangorra, who did a beautiful job planning and designing this wedding.  It’s always hard to pull a few favorites for the blog, but I did my best.  I hope you enjoy the little sampler!

I call this moment: The Lockdown.

Flowers waiting for the action.

It’s always such a treat to have a location with such stunning natural light.

Pretty typical – as the girls are getting their dresses on, the guys are outside playing football.

I was joined by James Federico for the day who spent some time with the guys outside and got this great action shot.

Practicing ‘La Tigre’ while applying deodorant.

Meanwhile back in the house:

Love this one:

Beautiful detail work on Jessie’s veil:

Weddings are fun, especially when you don’t take it too seriously.  5 points to anyone who can correctly guess what was happening here!

More gorgeous florals near the ceremony:

There were NO dry eyes as Jessie made her way down the isle.

This was the best part:

See what I mean about the gorgeous location?

A few favorites from the ceremony:

James caught this moment from the side:

The second kiss as husband and wife, just as butterflies were released over them:

Jessie and Ned made sure to step away and spend a few moments here and there taking in the day and trying to force themselves to remember it.  It was pretty adorable to be able to witness that.

Some of the details in and around the property.  The place cards were hanging in the barn near the bars, and the sunflowers were spaced throughout the property.

James captured this great overview of the property during the cocktail hour.  (I’m probably out in the field beyond the tent)

Oh yeah… this is what I was doing 🙂

Some of the gorgeous table settings:

As the sun set, the crowd was ready for the party to begin:

A GREAT first dance!

Some other favorites during the party:

Ned doing a little cameo number for the crowd:

Thank you so much to Jessie and Ned for allowing me to capture such a loving and beautiful wedding!  And Kudos to Linnea Tangorra for pulling it all together with seeming ease!  Special thanks to James Federico for his help as well!  Make sure to check out the slideshow below:


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