Jenna & Scott – A Charter Oak Country Club Wedding

I believe it was 19 degrees out yesterday and I actually felt kind of warm.  Almost as if spring was nearly here.  Perhaps it’s because I’ve been sharing so many of our fantastic couples from this past summer.  Jenna and Scott had a beautiful ceremony at the Our Lady of Help parish in Newton, MA.  The church is simply stunning and the most beautiful light pours through the windows. From Newton, we travelled to Hudson, MA to the Charter Oak Country Club where we were treated to a gorgeous sunset, a fun reception and we even got to play with a vintage car at night!  Here’s a few of my favorites from the day.  I hope you enjoy!

charter_oak_country_club_wedding_05 charter_oak_country_club_wedding_04 charter_oak_country_club_wedding_06 charter_oak_country_club_wedding_07 charter_oak_country_club_wedding_10 charter_oak_country_club_wedding_11

My good friend Mark Davidson joined me for the day and spent some time with Scott as he waited for the ceremony to begin:

charter_oak_country_club_wedding_12 charter_oak_country_club_wedding_13 charter_oak_country_club_wedding_14

Scott seeing Jenna for the first time:

charter_oak_country_club_wedding_17 charter_oak_country_club_wedding_18 charter_oak_country_club_wedding_21 charter_oak_country_club_wedding_22 charter_oak_country_club_wedding_23

One of my favorite recessionals from the year.

charter_oak_country_club_wedding_26 charter_oak_country_club_wedding_30 charter_oak_country_club_wedding_32 charter_oak_country_club_wedding_33

How ’bout that light?!

charter_oak_country_club_wedding_38 charter_oak_country_club_wedding_47

We had about twenty minutes to mess around with this awesome vintage car and I loved this last parting shot for the evening.

Thanks again to Jenna & Scott for such a wonderful day.  Also, thanks to Mark Davidson for his help as well!   To see more from their wedding, you can view their slideshow below:

Jenna & Scott from Ned Jackson on Vimeo.


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