Isabel & John – A State Room Wedding

Isabel and John were married in the beautiful MIT Chapel which gave us access to some of the amazing architecture and grounds around the MIT campus.  The day started at the Ames Hotel in downtown Boston.  The room had these amazing floor to ceiling arched windows.

state_room_wedding_01 state_room_wedding_02 state_room_wedding_03 state_room_wedding_04 state_room_wedding_05

I was joined by Earl Christie who begin his day with the guys as they got ready:

state_room_wedding_06 state_room_wedding_07 state_room_wedding_08 state_room_wedding_10

We found this quiet spot on the 2nd floor of the hotel for Isabel and John to have a private moment together before heading over to MIT’s campus for some pictures.

state_room_wedding_11 state_room_wedding_12 state_room_wedding_13

After a quick bus ride to Cambridge we found a few fun spots to do some group pictures with the bridal party.  It’s always great to have a little extra time so you can play around a little bit!

state_room_wedding_14 state_room_wedding_15 state_room_wedding_09

The MIT Chapel:

state_room_wedding_16 state_room_wedding_17

The chapel is DARK, but has this amazing metal and light display that creates the perfect frame for the couple to be married:

state_room_wedding_18 state_room_wedding_21

After the ceremony, Isabel and John wanted to sneak away for a few quiet moments and some more photographs.

state_room_wedding_22 state_room_wedding_24 state_room_wedding_25 state_room_wedding_26

One of my favorites from the day.  This beam of light streaming through the windows was just to perfect:

After a fun shoot at Cambridge guests headed to the State Room in Boston:

state_room_wedding_28 state_room_wedding_29

At the beginning of the reception, Isabel and John’s parents participated in a Paebaek ceremony (which is awesome if you’ve never seen one):


Here the parents are throwing fruit to the couple with serious dedication (each fruit caught is supposed to represent a child in the marriage.  I think Isabel and John are due for over 20 children)!

state_room_wedding_31 state_room_wedding_32 state_room_wedding_34 state_room_wedding_33 state_room_wedding_35

After dinner, Isabel and John changed into more ‘casual’ clothing for the party:

state_room_wedding_36 state_room_wedding_37 state_room_wedding_38 state_room_wedding_39 state_room_wedding_40

A huge thank you to Isabel and John for including me in their beautiful day!  Also, special thanks to Earl Christie for his help!  You can see more of Isabel & John’s wedding in the slideshow below:

Isabel & John from Ned Jackson on Vimeo.


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