Erica & Jeff – A Crane Estate Wedding

Erica & Jeff were married on a gorgeous September day last year.  Their reception was held at one of my favorite spots in New England, the Crane Estate.  The beautiful weather made for an excellent setting for their tented dinner and outdoor dance floor.  I picked some of my favorite images from the day below.  I hope you enjoy them!  Special thanks to Coco Boardman for her help shooting with me as well as Keith Soucy from Mapleloft Studios (who was filming their wedding film) for being an excellent visual collaborator.

We began the day in Salem at the Salem Waterfront Hotel.


crane-estate-wedding_01 crane-estate-wedding_04 crane-estate-wedding_05

Coco started out with the guys as they got ready:

crane-estate-wedding_07 crane-estate-wedding_08 crane-estate-wedding_09 crane-estate-wedding_10

The ceremony was held at the St. James Church in Salem.


Love this angle that Coco grabbed from the balcony.


crane-estate-wedding_12 crane-estate-wedding_13 crane-estate-wedding_14 crane-estate-wedding_15 crane-estate-wedding_16 crane-estate-wedding_17 crane-estate-wedding_18 crane-estate-wedding_19

After the ceremony we headed straight to the Crane Estate:a

crane-estate-wedding_20 crane-estate-wedding_21 crane-estate-wedding_22 crane-estate-wedding_23 crane-estate-wedding_24 crane-estate-wedding_25 crane-estate-wedding_26

We decided to head down to the Estate’s Casino complex for some portraits.

crane-estate-wedding_27 crane-estate-wedding_28 crane-estate-wedding_29 crane-estate-wedding_31




Some details from the tent:

crane-estate-wedding_33 crane-estate-wedding_34 crane-estate-wedding_35 crane-estate-wedding_36

At sunset, we headed up to the roof to give Erica and Jeff a chance to catch a breath!

crane-estate-wedding_37 crane-estate-wedding_38 crane-estate-wedding_39

After dinner, the guests were escorted to the patio just behind the estate:

crane-estate-wedding_41 crane-estate-wedding_40

To see more from Erica & Jeff’s Crane Estate wedding, please view their slideshow!

Erica & Jeff from Ned Jackson on Vimeo.


Thank you so much to  Erica and Jeff for allowing me to capture such a beautiful day!  Also, special thanks to Coco Boardman and Keith Soucy as well!


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