Eliza & Jason – A Camp Getaway Wedding

So… I don’t know about you, but I still have about one and half feet of snow in my yard… and the banks along the driveway are still about six feet high.  I’m about as deep in album design, so I felt like it’d be a good time to dip back into last year’s season.  I still have some really beautiful weddings to share – and hopefully a little reminder of warmth.  Yes… trees do have leaves on them sometimes!  Hopefully we’re not too far away.

Eliza and Jason got married in an absolutely beautiful corner of Berkshire mountains in Kent, CT at a small camp called Club Getaway.  The camp made it possible for them to combine all of their friends and family in one place for a weekend of wedding fun.  Funny story:  I knock on Eliza’s cabin door to introduce myself to everyone and I’m greeted by a familiar face from long ago.  It turns out – in a crazy twist of fate – small world – kind of way, that Eliza’s best friend is Irene…. my next door neighbor growing up in Wilmington, DE.  It always amazes me how small the world is and how life always seems to intertwine.


Anyway, on to the pictures and the day.  Could you pick a cuter place to get married?  I loved the rustic feel of the camp, and these signs.  It set the scene for the fun weekend.


I was joined for the day by Mark Davidson who was nice enough to drive all the way down from Boston, only to drive back that night!  He grabbed these great two scenes.  This cabin below is where Eliza got ready:

Eliza and Jason found a quiet spot to see each other before the Ketubah signing.  I think her face here sums up her feelings!

Their first moments together.

I just loved the feel of this post and beam lodge.  Perfect setting for the ketubah signing.

Shortly before the ceremony Eliza and Jason posed for a few shots so friends and family could grab a few choice shots.

Talk about an idyllic setting for a ceremony.  Everyone was nestled in by mountains and the view overlooked the lake down below.

As the sun set below the mountains, the fabric of the chuppah started to paint Eliza and Jason in a beautiful soft shade of purple.

It’s up to you whether you believe in fate…. but… in an otherwise quiet ceremony, just after saying their vows, these geese flew directly over the ceremony as if to give their blessing over what had just happened.  There were few dry eyes left after this little display!

Eliza and Jason are perfect examples of how to adapt and roll with the hiccups on the wedding day.  Despite an unfortunate glitch in the timeline that pushed a pre-sunset ceremony- to a post-sunset ceremony – they just rolled with it.  Although we hopped in a golf cart after the ceremony and high tailed it down to the water because it was DARK!  I was only slightly scared that we were going to crash the golf cart.  Fortunately, cameras these days… they’re incredible.  I was able to grab some great intimate moments between the two right after the ceremony using only the last little bits of light reflecting off the pond.

This is how dark it REALLY was!

A few fun images from their first dance.

Eliza and her Dad:

I loved this little moment during the speeches.  Not everyone is amused by the toasts!

Check out the slideshow for a crazy fun party!


Thanks so much to Jason and Eliza for inviting me down to Kent for the weekend.  I had so much fun with you guys!  Thanks to Mark Davidson as well for making the trip!



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