Elisa & Brendan – A Willowdale Estate Wedding

It’s always nice to post some beautiful WARM photographs in the middle of the snowy winter!  Elisa and Brendan’s wedding is exactly what you need if you’re looking for a little break from all the snow.  Their wedding was held at the Willowdale Estate in Ipswich, MA and they couldn’t have received a more beautiful day.  I hope you enjoy some of my favorite selections from the day.  I absolutely love the colors and light in this set!

It’s always fantastic when everyone gets ready at the same place as the ceremony and the reception.

willowdale_estate_wedding_01 willowdale_estate_wedding_02 willowdale_estate_wedding_03 willowdale_estate_wedding_04 willowdale_estate_wedding_05 willowdale_estate_wedding_06 willowdale_estate_wedding_07 willowdale_estate_wedding_08

We snuck down by the Ipswich River for a private moment with Elisa and Brendan.

willowdale_estate_wedding_09 willowdale_estate_wedding_10 willowdale_estate_wedding_11

The light and the colors here have me REALLY missing summer!

willowdale_estate_wedding_13 willowdale_estate_wedding_15

A good looking group!

willowdale_estate_wedding_16 willowdale_estate_wedding_17 willowdale_estate_wedding_18

Love ceremonies at Willowdale:

willowdale_estate_wedding_19 willowdale_estate_wedding_20 willowdale_estate_wedding_22 willowdale_estate_wedding_23 willowdale_estate_wedding_24 willowdale_estate_wedding_21 willowdale_estate_wedding_25 willowdale_estate_wedding_26 willowdale_estate_wedding_27 willowdale_estate_wedding_28 willowdale_estate_wedding_29 willowdale_estate_wedding_30 willowdale_estate_wedding_31 willowdale_estate_wedding_32 willowdale_estate_wedding_33 willowdale_estate_wedding_34 willowdale_estate_wedding_35 willowdale_estate_wedding_36 willowdale_estate_wedding_37

I was joined on the day by my great friend Kelly Lorenz who shot this fantastic angle!

willowdale_estate_wedding_38 willowdale_estate_wedding_39 willowdale_estate_wedding_40 willowdale_estate_wedding_41 willowdale_estate_wedding_42 willowdale_estate_wedding_43

To see more from Elisa & Brendan’s beautiful wedding, watch the slideshow below:

Elisa & Brendan from Ned Jackson on Vimeo.

Thank you so much to Elisa and Brendan for inviting me to share your beautiful day!  Also, special thanks to the folks at Willowdale as well as Kelly for her help!


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