Didi & Zander – A Boston Public Library Wedding

My 2012 “summer” season officially kicks off this Saturday!  I’ve had a fantastic off-season, but I’m definitely ready to kick things into high gear.  I thought I’d be appropriate to finish off the last of my 2011 weddings and show a few winter ones as well before the new season starts.  So consider this: “The Week of the Blog.”  Honestly, I can’t believe it’s taken me so long to share this gem of a wedding.  Didi and Zander are simply awesome.  I knew this even at our first meeting when we decided to meet at Burdick’s in Harvard Square to have some hot chocolate.  The wedding ceremony took place at Christ Church in Cambridge, right off Harvard Square and the reception was held at the Boston Public Library.  It was a completely beautiful day from start to finish and I couldn’t have enjoyed working with these two any more.  A few weeks before the wedding, we met to do a few engagement pictures (to get the rust out, so to speak), and you can see how cute these two are:


So without further adieu, here’s some of my favorites from the day – sorry there are a lot more than usual, but I couldn’t resist!  We’ll start with a few from getting ready.  Remember these things?


I love capturing the bridal party getting ready.  It’s always a favorite part of my day.  There’s always a few moments of solitude and peace amidst the go-go-go nature of the wedding day.  Here, Didi gets a few finishing touches on her makeup.


Didi’s father looking on during the makeup:



My good friend Mark Davidson joined me for the day and captured the guys getting ready:

Zander and his brother:

This was Didi throughout the entire day… smiles from ear to ear!

Christ Church:

Mark grabbed this shot of the guys before the ceremony:

Didi and Zander decided to see each other for the first time before the ceremony to help get some of the portraits done.  I love this one of Didi creeping up behind him…. and the grin on Zander’s face.


Didi and Zander have a few moments of quiet before the guests arrive:

Mark grabbed this great shot:

Christ Church preferred that we not go past the last pew, so Mark and I worked to get some great different angles during the ceremony.  Mark grabbed this great moment from the balcony.

The exchange:

Newly married!!


Making it official:

After the ceremony everyone travelled over to the Boston Public Library.  If you never been there, you definitely need to check it out. It’s a stunning building.  The courtyard in the middle makes the perfect setting for some portraits.

The couple customized “Didi and Zander” library due-date cards for the guests to find their tables.  So cute.  Mark and I spent a few minutes shooting the tables and details of the library. I loved the way they chose to decorate the tables with the lamps.

The guests were ushered in and served an amazing meal before the dancing began. 

After dinner the couple shared their first dance as a newly married couple.

Didi and her father couldn’t have been any cuter together.

The party begins:

Didi and Zander excused themselves for a bit and came back with a fresh wardrobe:

Couldn’t help but crack up at this moment…. having a bit of trouble with the cake!

Mark’s great detail:


I hope you enjoyed seeing these as much as I enjoyed sharing them!  Thanks so much to Didi and Zander – also special thanks to Mark Davidson for his great shots as well.

Check out the slideshow below!!



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