Devin & Pat – A Boston Public Library Wedding

So, on Friday you caught a glimpse of Devin and Pat’s engagement session.  Our Charlottesville meetup certainly allowed me to get to know the two of them a little more personally and when the day of the wedding rolled around, I felt like we were old friends (although these two have a way of making you feel that way after just meeting them for a few minutes).  That had me feeling extra pumped the morning of the wedding, and it was an added bonus that it just so happened to be in one of my favorite spaces in Boston – the Boston Public Library.  I’ve got to give these two a hand because they provided me one of the most visually beautiful weddings possible.  I felt like a kid in a candy store all day.  You could pretty much sum it up like this: super fun couple +beautiful places, spaces, faces AND  wonderful families = amazing wedding!  I hope you enjoy these images as much as I enjoy sharing them (my apologies for the number of images but I couldn’t resist)!

The girls got ready across the street at the Copley Plaza.  A few favorites of the getting ready process:

Hard to find better light than I was getting here!

I was joined by the talented Mike Duval who was nice enough to help me out for the day.  He captured some great moments of the guys getting ready.  Love Pat’s smile here.

Love this shot!  God forbid a groom get ready without ridicule!

Devin’s gown had these beautiful removable straps.  Here her mother and maid of honor, Briana, help her try both looks:

Briana approves:

One of my favorites from the day.  The attentiveness of the bridesmaids and Devin’s mother is so perfect!

The light was near perfection and Devin looked stunning!

I just LOVED this angle that Mike grabbed of the girls entering the BPL.

My undisputed favorite from the day.  Devin and Pat see each other for the first time:

Smiles all around:


Devin informed me that she had the most beautiful bridesmaids of all eternity 🙂

Gorgeous flower work:

They made my job easy all day.

We headed into the Bates Hall for some portraits of the bridal party.

Time for the ceremony to begin!  Devin’s father walks her out to the ceremony:

Pat watching her walk down the isle:

Mike had a great aerial view of the ceremony:

A few favorites during the ceremony:

After the ceremony Devin and Pat retreated upstairs for a few moments alone before greeting their guests down below:

The light on the balcony was too good to pass up.  It produced some of my favorites from the day:

Back to the Bates Hall:

The couple descends to meet their guests for the first time as husband and wife:

Showing off their footwear to their adoring fans at cocktail hour:

The popular reading room decorated for dinner (thanks to Mike for the shot on the right):

One of my favorites from the toasts:

The party moved upstairs to the Abbey Room where the guests could stretch their legs and get their dancing shoes on. Here Devin and Pat share their first dance:

A few fun moments from the party:

This is Briana (who you’ll see on the blog soon enough from her wedding which took place in January!)


Amazing how much life a pair of glasses can add to a party 😉

Devin’s brother Teddy literally danced his shoes off by the end of the night.  Love this one.

Such a fitting parting moment for these two.

If you liked that and you’re hungry for more, check out the slideshow below:

Thank you so much to Devin and Pat for being such amazing clients (fortunately I get to see them a couple more times at upcoming weddings)!  Also – special thanks to Mike Duval for his help for the day.


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