Brianna and Alex – a Gorgeous Belle Mer Winter Wedding

I consider it an honor of the highest magnitude to photograph a wedding for a family.  But to photograph TWO weddings in one year for their two daughters?!  It doesn’t get better than that!  Brianna and Alex were married in January on a COOOLLLLDDDD day in Newport at the beautiful Belle Mer.  Despite the chilly weather, everyone involved braved the elements to sneak outside for some great moments.  Brianna got ready in her family’s home and headed over to Belle Mer to catch a few moments alone with Alex before the ceremony.  Hopefully you love this wedding as much as I do!

Caitlin and her mom help Brianna get dressed.  One of my favorite getting ready images of the year.

Another favorite image of 2013.  After proclaiming that he wasn’t going to cry…. he couldn’t help it.  AND did the same at Caitlin’s wedding!

I was joined by Mark Davidson who helped me for the day and began with the guys.

The couple meets for the first time at Belle MerL

As evening set – it was time to warm up and head in for the ceremony.

A beautiful setup by Stoneblossom Florals:

The first dance:

And a few favorites from the reception:

Thank you so much to the Kelly family for allowing me to capture such beautiful weddings!  Also, special thanks to Mark Davidson for his help as well.  Check out the slideshow below to see more of the day!

Briana & Alex from Ned Jackson on Vimeo.


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