Amanda & Ben – A Myopia Hunt Club Wedding

I’m so excited to share this gorgeous wedding today!  I’ve known Amanda and her family for a number of years and it’s always such a treat to photograph a wedding for someone you know.  Amanda got ready at her family’s house in Topsfield, MA and traveled to the church in Topsfield with her father in a beautiful antique car.  After the ceremony the party moved to the Myopia Hunt Club in South Hamilton, MA.  I think you’ll see it was a day of happy faces, beautiful weather and tons of fun.  I was joined by David DiNisco who provided an excellent 2nd eye for me.  It was also great to work with some other fantastic professionals including Marcella from Heirloom Pictures as well as Eliza and Maria from WedBoston.

It’s hard to narrow this wedding down but scroll down to enjoy a few favorites from the day.

Some of my favorites as the girls got ready:

myopia_hunt_club_wedding_002 myopia_hunt_club_wedding_006 myopia_hunt_club_wedding_008 myopia_hunt_club_wedding_009 myopia_hunt_club_wedding_010 myopia_hunt_club_wedding_011 myopia_hunt_club_wedding_017 myopia_hunt_club_wedding_018 myopia_hunt_club_wedding_021 myopia_hunt_club_wedding_022

Amanda did not make the job difficult!  Such a stunning bride!

myopia_hunt_club_wedding_025 myopia_hunt_club_wedding_027 myopia_hunt_club_wedding_028 myopia_hunt_club_wedding_029

Dave caught the guys messing around in the church before the ceremony:

myopia_hunt_club_wedding_038 myopia_hunt_club_wedding_039 myopia_hunt_club_wedding_045

Love this look from Amanda’s father:

myopia_hunt_club_wedding_046 myopia_hunt_club_wedding_053 myopia_hunt_club_wedding_059

Amanda and Ben snuck out for a few minutes alone just before the party began:

myopia_hunt_club_wedding_069 myopia_hunt_club_wedding_073

Some favorites during the reception:

myopia_hunt_club_wedding_076 myopia_hunt_club_wedding_077 myopia_hunt_club_wedding_082 myopia_hunt_club_wedding_087 myopia_hunt_club_wedding_088 myopia_hunt_club_wedding_092 myopia_hunt_club_wedding_093 myopia_hunt_club_wedding_095 myopia_hunt_club_wedding_097 myopia_hunt_club_wedding_098 myopia_hunt_club_wedding_099 myopia_hunt_club_wedding_101


Thank you so much Amanda and Ben for including me in your beautiful wedding!  I had such a fantastic time.  Also, special thanks to David DiNisco and Eliza and Maria from WedBoston.


Check out the slideshow below to see more from the day:

Amanda & Ben from Ned Jackson on Vimeo.


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