Alyssa & Ryan – A Stunning Backyard Wedding

Slowly (yes… very slowly) working my way through some of last year’s weddings…. I know you’re going to love this gorgeous wedding. Alyssa and Ryan’s wedding was equal parts beautiful and fun. What I loved best about their wedding is that it offered up a juxtaposition of two seemingly conflicting styles (city and country) that worked so amazingly well together. The day started as a big city affair. Both the girls and the guys got ready at the Taj Hotel in Boston, and headed directly to the Cathedral of the Holy Cross in the South End.  If you’ve never been to the Cathedral – it’s exactly what you’d expect – grand in both size and beauty.  After the ceremony we quickly retreated to Alyssa’s childhood home where her parents set up an unbelievable party in their idyllic backyard.  The tent was situated among some the property’s beautiful old trees.  Inside the tent, the couple opted for a less formal feel of rustic barn farmhouse tables from New England Country Rentals.

I hope you enjoy some of my favorites from the day!

Alyssa’s dress was a stunner:

Excited flower girls sharing secrets in the bride’s suite.

Last minute adjustments:

Some gorgeous details.  Ryan’s boutonniere was photographed by James Federico who joined me for the day:

James got to the church a bit early and caught this great moment of the girls ascending the staircase.

See what I mean about the Cathedral?

It’s a pretty magical feeling when you get to talk to your soon-to-be wife for the first time on the day of your wedding.

James had this great angle on Alyssa during the ceremony.

Loved this catch from James as I worked the center isle.

Back at Alyssa’s house we were treated to some unbelievable light…. even if we had to go through a GIANT field of poison ivy to get there (whoops).  Thankfully – I don’t think anyone got it too bad!

We had a bit of extra time to play a bit with the bridal party.  The light, the barn, it was all too perfect.  Not to mention a willing bridal party!

I absolutely loved the look and feel of the party.  So beautiful – rustic but elegant.

While I was shooting some shots of the gorgeous details, the flower girls were playing tag in the tent.

The first dance:

The tent was so perfectly nestled into the property.

A few speeches from the brothers:

Brothers have a way of getting the best of you.

Alyssa and her father.


An unexpected ride over the crowd:

Definitely a perfect image for the party:

One quick embrace at the end of the night:

Ryan and Alyssa retreated into the house for a quick change of the dress and were escorted out with this stunning sendoff:


And of course – check out the sldieshow:


Thank you so much Alyssa and Ryan!  Also – special thanks to James Federico for his help!


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