Alexandra & William – A Rosecliff Mansion Wedding

If you’ve not had the chance to visit Newport, RI, you owe it to yourself to make the trip.  Not only is the natural landscape stunning, but the homes are some of the most lavish in the world.  As a history buff I’m totally fascinated by the lives of the ‘rich & famous’ from late 1800s.  The Rosecliff, home to the original Robert Redford film, The Great Gatsby, is one of the most well-known of the homes.  I’ve been dying to shoot in there since I knew it existed.  Ali and Billy hosted one of the most beautiful weddings I’ve had the pleasure of attending.  I think you’ll love their stunning details (down to the handmade custom shoes designed by her Sister-in-law).   It was hard to pick a few, but I hope you enjoy!

We started the day in the salon:

Ali opens a gift from Billy:

One of my favorite from the day.  What a beautiful spot to get ready.

I was joined by my good friend, Mark Davidson who started out with the guys:

Ali and Billy decided to see each other before the ceremony so we arranged a little rendezvous outside the Viking Hotel.

We headed down to the water for a few quick snaps.

I was eager to get to the Rosecliff… honestly… who wouldn’t be!

Before the ceremony Ali headed upstairs in the mansion to catch her breath:

On her way to the ketubah signing:

The first kiss (after the ketubah)!

A few ceremony details:

A stunning venue to say the least:

During cocktail hour we snuck out for a few last portraits:


Back in to the reception:

Thanks so much to Ali and Billy for allowing me to capture this STUNNING wedding.  The entire day was beautiful from start to finish.  Special thanks to Mark Davidson for his help as well.  Check out the slideshow below to see more:


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